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Four best 360 Camera today


Do you know what’s the next big thing in video world? My prediction would be a 360 video viewed in a Virtual Reality Headset with a 3D audio. That will be a very immersive experience.

Well anyway, this year there are a lot of new 360 camera in the market, and they are upgrading step by step just like iPhone and GoPro do every single year. So, who’s on the list? Here we go.

1- Kodak Pixpro SP360-4K

This new camera was announced at IFA 2015 in the early September and this new 360 Camera has been given a video resolution bump. It can record videos up to 4K (2880 x 2880 pixels) and can be used for time-lapse and burst shooting mode. The lens has F2.8 aperture and has a ½.3-inch 12-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor.

camcredit: Paul Ridden/Gizmag.com

What’s cool about this camera, it features 10 different viewing modes such as: Dome (235 degrees), Front, Global (360 degrees), Ring, Segment (180 degrees front, 180 rear) or Panorama. It has its own editing software, Pixpro for PC and for Mac to edit and publish video in various format including YouTube.

Kodak Pixpro SP360-4K has an NFC and Wi-Fi enabled, and you can do a remote shooting from its Android/iOS app called PixPro Remote Viewer.

This camera will be released in October 2015 at about US$500. Not bad than buying several GoPro 4 and assemble it to create your own 360 degrees footage.

Price: ~US$500

2- Theta 360

Actually this is the one that I just got. Theta 360 m15. It’s cheap, it’s light, it has several color of selection (White, Yellow, Blue, and Pink). For about US$250 you can already make a 360 degrees video and photo. It’s great for traveling and I think it’s the cheapest one to create a simple 360 degrees video on YouTube. I have several videos made by Theta360 m15, and this is one of them.


The low quality came from the compression of the Ricoh Theta software, so it’s not full HD, it’s just 15 fps and sometimes it becomes worst when you upload it to YouTube. Because for now, 360 videos in Youtube are only great to view in 4K.

But this is not what I want to talk about now. So, Theta 360 just announced their new type of 360 camera. It’s Ricoh Theta S. For another US$50 you can get this new camera with a Full HD video and 8GB Internal memory. 4GB more from its predecessor model. And it can record 25 minutes video at a time (Theta m15 can only record 3 minutes video at a time).

The Ricoh Theta app makes it really handy to see the Live View and we can also control the ISO, Shutter, Exposure and White balance while shooting. Too bad I just bought the Theta m15..

Price: US$349

3- Giroptic

Came from a kickstarter campaign, this self claimed ‘The world’s first true 360 HD camera” is still available for Pre-Order. Still don’t know when this camera is ready but looking at the Kodak SP360-4K and Sphericam that already has 4K quality, this camera would have to upgrade soon.


What’s make Giroptic interesting is that it can record underwater down to 10 meters for up to 30 minutes, 4K photo and 2K video, micro SD slot up to 128Gb, lots of color selection (Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow, Black) and the unique Lightbulb Adaptor.

Price: US$499

4- Sphericam

This is the one that excites me a lot. This camera also came from a very successful Kickstarter campaign in mid 2015, and the specification of this 360 camera is stunning.


4K video in 60FPS, Global Shutter, VR Ready, 100% Uncooked RAW video, 8 Tripod Mounts, 4 Microphones, 6 Micro SD Card Slots, Fully Syncronised and automatic real-time stitching in a size of a tennis ball. The design is really cool and modern, it also has a few selection of color (Green, Black and Silver).

For the Uncooked RAW video, the format is 30/60 FPS, 2.4GBPS (Gigabits per second), 12-bit color, Cinema DNG. Wow look at that, a 360 video in RAW! It will be very nice to edit it in post production.

If you order now you can save US$500 from its standard price $2499. Yes, it’s quite expensive but I think this camera will be one of the best 360 cameras in the market for professional use. Still waaaay cheaper than buying 6-16 GoPro + Rig + Stitching software, lol.

Price: US$2499

So, what do you think about that? Which one would you choose? Is this 360 degrees video will be very popular in the near future? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss it!

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