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Aimane, 20 years old: “In one year we plan to be the leader in Europe”


Startup – We had the pleasure to meet in Barcelona Aimane Blehassane, C.E.O and co-founder of Freelancetudent, a marketplace to offer jobs to students.

1) Tell us a bit about yourself, like what is your background? How did you meet your associates?  

My name is Aimane Belhassane, I’m 20 years old and I have been living in Barcelona for 8 years. I have integrated this year a computer science school called Epitech where I learn coding, work on several projects in teams.I met my associates in high school, here in Barcelona, they are all, now, studying business and management in Toulouse Business School. Having business students in my team, helps the startup to expand and develop by analysing the market and defining who we are as a business.

   2) So how did the idea of Freelancetudent come up? And what does your service provide guys?

I came up with this idea, last September, while I was looking for a student job to earn a little bit of money and professional experience. I soon realised the lack of diversity of jobs and it would have been a long and difficult journey to find an adequate student job for me. Moreover, there were no opportunities for the field I was studying. I was therefore facing a problem. How can we give more opportunities to students ? I shortly had the idea to create an online job platform focusing mainly on enhancing student’s professional experiences.
I talked about it to a close friend of mine, studying business, and together we started exploring this idea.

We came up with Freelancetudent, a online job platform where startups and small companies can publish short-term missions. I really wanted to put forward a large diversity of jobs that could match the student’s study field. It is a win-win for both parties, companies can spend less time in the selecting and hiring process and it ends up cheaper for them and on the other hand, students can gain some experience while studying as they are free to choose their working hours. Our philosophy rests on empowering young people and giving them more experience to succeed in the future.

   3) Why did you choose Barcelona to live and develop your project?

I chose to develop my project in Barcelona because, for the moment, we are the only freelance platform dedicated to students in the city. It is, for sure, innovative and different from all other online job sites. Further, Barcelona is full of students and also home of a large number of startups.

   4) What was the most difficult part when launching Freelancetudent?

The most difficult part of the launch would have been all the legal/ administrative paperwork. As I am only 20 years old, the administrative / legal side of our business was something i’ve never faced before. I had to dedicated a lot of time researching to find the best solution for our administrative process. After appointments with lawyers and business advisors, I got a clear view of what needed to be done.

I managed to turn a negative situation into a positive one, by believing in my project and surpassing my own limits.

   5) What can we expect from Freelancetudent for 2018?

This year, we will be focusing on expanding our network around the city by attending events and participating in congresses. We hope that by exposing ourselves as much as we can, we will interest startups and small companies to publish their work on Freelancetudent. By Jun 2018, we hope to be the student jobs’ reference in Barcelona, and why not in Spain !

Aimane, Mathilde and Narjis from Freelancetudent

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