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Barcelona, the one and only city of the Spanish country that is labeled as “Smart City”, having 4th place, just ahead of London, Paris & Stockholm. We guess this is a topic that Madrid is not very happy to hear about.

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After knowing that the city is hosting the “Smart City Expo from the 17th – 19th of November, besides other several factors, there is no doubt that those days, Barcelona again will be one of the epicenters of technology and innovation in the world.

Some factors…

We have looked through some of the key factors that makes Barcelona a point of referral for its actions as a smart city. This are some of the most relevant for us:



Live Smart City projects in Barcelona

Moreover, we also want to introduce a few Barcelona Smart City projects that we found awesome and that all Spanish citizens should hear of:

Smart Cities Wheel

According to (October 4, 2015) the LEED accredited professional and climate strategist Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., recently published his annual rankings of smart cities.
To create his rankings, he created a tool he called the Smart Cities Wheel, which was inspired by the work of the Center of Regional Science at the Vienna University of Technology, Siemens’ work with the Green City Index, and Buenos Aires’ “Modelo Territorial,” among others.

Check it out:

By Boyd Cohen, Ph.D
By Boyd Cohen, Ph.D

We think that Barcelona has a interesting innovation progress going on and it is just getting bigger and stronger. Definitely, a city that all Latin countries should take a look at.
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