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Saturday, September 23, 2017


Home Interview

Pick & Pow often meets emerging entrepreneurs to talk about their personal experience on the entrepreneurship theme. 


Coworkation: Inspiring entrepreneurs in inspiring places!

Coworkation organises coworking events and retreats in inspirational locations around Catalunya, and around the world (such as Bali, Tuscany, Serbia, Thailand and Sth. Africa). ...

Robin Lindgren: ” I saw a big opportunity to help startups produce better video...

Lots of startups & entrepreneurs have been realising lately about the power of videos when developing a marketing strategy. Some even say 2017 it's the year...
Celebreak Daniel Foth

Football tournament for startups in the Barça fields!

“Not another dumb company team building game,” says the displeased employee. Ouch! When this thought crosses your employees’ minds, you can pretty much throw...
Co-working barcelona deborah_renzo

Renzo Van Dijk: “I’m blessed to have built this with my wife”

Co-working Barcelona - Renzo is an Amsterdammer living in Barcelona. His lovely wife, Deborah, is from Andorra. Both have decided to start a business...

“We have spent two years in defining our innovation process”

This week, we had the chance to meet the founder of the NewBlack products: Federico Tognetti. This italien serial entrepreneur, biker and musicien, managed to...

Blending studies, a startup & beach volley in Barcelona

A person who says his opinion and shares his thoughts, no matter if the other party is the CEO or just a friend. That's...

“I genuinely want to help Spaniards solve their English problems”

You don't realize how low Spaniards' level of English is, until you actually come and see it with your own eyes. Hey, I don't...

“It’s that old ‘boss’ mentality that I am getting away from”

As a twenty something year old, I've had a slight opportunity to watch how business and managing teams has been done in the last...
PiggyBee Community

David Vuylsteke: How To Become A Parcel Smuggler!

A few years ago, David came back from a trip in South Africa. As time passed by, the super cream he bought abroad ended...
Yugo Team

Tim Ougeot : “I wanted to create something with people I love”

Tim Ougeot is one of the three frenchies and co-founders of YUGO, an new electric scooter sharing service based in Barcelona, and above all...
Tim Aerts

Tim Aerts “The most important thing is to follow your passion”

Tim Aerts is the founder of Good Goal, an online traveller's guide and map that helps people find sustainable places in all major European...
hey les copines

Julia Blachon: “Combining a job and a startup is possible!”

Julia Blachon, 25 years old, she’s the co-founder of, a french lifestyle magazine, only dedicated to the...girlfriends or in french “Les copines”! We...

Co-founder of Glovo, Sacha Michaud : “Focus on one thing and do it well”

Do you have time for hobbies and friends? How do you do to live without income? Do you make mistakes? Do you have doubts? Sacha Michaud, co-founder of Glovo, tells us everything!

Louis-Alban Batard-Dupre: “You have to be visionary to succeed in the tech industry”

IoT startup "Connecthings" provides mobile contactless solutions for cities, and has secured $10.6 million in a Series B founding to expand Beacon Network in the...

Robert Muñoz, co-founder of Typeform: “Surround yourself with the best people”

What are the good parts & downsides to be an entrepreneur? How to motive your employees? What kind of advice to give to a new entrepreneur? Get the answers with Robert Muñoz, co-founder of Typeform!