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Thursday, October 26, 2017


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Sustainability, social justice, and current events; a monthly series.

This is meant to be the first of many posts on topics that interest me (and hopefully you) related to sustainability and social justice,...

Pick & Pow Webinar : 4 Free Marketing Tools For Entrepreneurs

Thursday the 11th of February, we will do our first Webinar! Stay tuned, and don't miss it, because you will learn a lot from...
business model canvas

How To Build Your Successful Startup

You have a vague idea of an innovative business, but you don’t know how to start with it? You want to rock? Lucky you,...

Why Business Failure Should Be Fun

If you’ve just launched your startup a few months ago, bad news is that there is a 75% probability that it shuts down before...

8 Signs That Confirm You Are An Entrepreneur

  No, an entrepreneur is not a normal person. Let’s try to understand what kind of species he his. 1 - He doesn’t cry on Sunday...

4 Smooth & Free Online Monitoring Tools For Entrepreneurs

The Web is worth than a blabbermouth, and as a result, you can hear about your startup without your consent. No worries, Pick &...

5 Reasons Why You Should Join A Startup

I recently read various documents giving 10 reasons NOT to join a startup. Some of them were understandable, others ridiculous. It’s nice to list...

Is Founding A Business With A Family Member A Good Idea?

You know what is said, “An Cofounder is worth more than a girlfriend”. Well, OK we said this, but you can ask anyone who has...

4 Free Webmarketing Tools I Have Discovered Last Week

What I love in entrepreneurship is the solidarity you can find between entrepreneurs. Tips, advice, feedback, services, we help each other and it’s wicked!...

Tell Me Your Code And I Will Tell You Who You Are

If you have ever attended to a Business School’s Startup Weekend, you have necessarily heard this: “I’ve got the next Facebook idea but I need dev”....

The Open Data Is a Great Base For Entrepreneurship

What is Open Data? By open, we must understand that the data is accessible, reusable (including commercially) with sufficient quality, including the fact that openness...

EdgeRank, How Facebook Decides For You

You might have asked yourself the same question we asked ourselves some time ago; “Do all my Facebook posts actually appear on my friends/follower’s...

Startup Weekend: The El Dorado For People Seeking Ideas

Startup Weekends is a label created by Techstars to designate a 54 hour competition, gathering groups around a business idea. They have to pitch...

Could Facebook M Be My New Best Friend?

Two years ago, on an early winters evening, one of the best movies of 2013 was released. What movie? I am talking about Her...
image whatsapp pickandpow

Why We Will Soon Be Ordering Pizza On Whatsapp

With more than 900 million monthly active users in September 2015, Whatsapp is the most used messaging app in the world, far ahead of...
working from home

Working At Home: Tips Not To Go Crazy

At the beginning of your venture, you might not be able to afford a working or co-working place. Remain in the last place you can work, except the library: home. Let’s try to see how it can be efficient [...]

[infographic] 4 reasons why a coworking place is really cool

Working in your kitchen or your bedroom all day long without seeing anyone is not very efficient [...]

Google +, why not?

Google + is less powerful in terms of active users than Facebook, Youtube, or WhatsApp but [...]

Being millionaire with your smartphone

Did you know that Kim Kardashian is earning more than $10,000 just by posting a sponsored tweet? [...]

How to fund your start-up without spending a penny.

Whether it’s to launch an e-commerce or to build the new electric car, a source of money is key [...]

The most healthful Mafia in the world!

When I was 15, my first wish was to get a huge car, a snapback, and a casual woman. At the other end of the...

4 things to check before launching your start-up.

Tuesday is Entrepreneurial Tips' day! Discover tools and advice to start up without inconvenience

GAFA-NATU: The King is dead, long life the King!

These Internet giants, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, are now being closely followed by the new heirs to the throne; the NATU (new acronym for Netflix, Airbnb, Tesla and Uber).

How I Met Your Influencer

Since the start of 2014, Linkedin has been developing a new program known as “influencer”. This new and exclusive program brings together a group of business experts handpicked by Linkedin to become the leading voices on the platform. Today I’ll try to give you some of my influencers.

10 free & powerful tools for entrepreneurs

I admit it, there are thousands of powerful tools for entrepreneurs and thousands of articles talking about them so my article may seem of...