There was a debate within the editorial staff of Pick & Pow Magazine. Do you make gifts to your friends for Christmas? Several possible answers …

  • “Yes, but only to my best friends”
  • “We organize raffles to make small gifts in our group of friends”
  • “Nooo guys, Christmas is only for family!”
  • “If I find a nice product that makes me think of a particular buddy, I’ll take it!”

So, we decided to prepare you a list of innovative products that will give you gift ideas for your brother (the real one), your buddy, your flatmate, your childhood friend… And that might be enough.  Oh, and because we love you, every startup‘s products we propose are on promotion or flash sales!

#ShowSpeak :


Everyone has a friend who loves singing in the shower turning into Mickael Jackson when he passes the door of the bathroom. However, this same buddy can also turn into “Mac Gyver” when he comes to to hold the phone in a glass, near the shower, to hear his music louder. That’s simple, we found HIS Christmas gift: the Show Speak! A high quality waterproof speaker fixable in the shower thanks to a suction system, and connected to its smartphone in bluetooth. In addition to enjoy a great sound directly in the shower, he can even answer his calls!

#iZZi Slim :


Well, don’t lie, you inevitably have a buddy who takes everything that passes in photo … The kind of friend who shares all his life on Snapchat / Instagram / Facebook! And if you don’t have that buddy, maybe you are that person. It’s not because he’s a rat that you don’t like him and you’re not gonna give him a little something for Christmas. We advise you iZZi Slim, a 5 in 1 photo lens integrated in a smartphone shell. Help him to express himself as an artist!

#Shiny Wood :

Shiny Wood

We just talked about the friend who loves to be behind the camera, but what about the one who asks to be in front of it and who gives everything he has for a perfect photo?  But what a beautiful guy without his favorite object: the sunglasses. You will say “it’s Christmas dude”, so it’s not the right time. You’re wrong, the guy we talked about will always need his pair, whether it’s cloudy, raining or snowing, whether he is at sea, at town, or at mountain! Shiny Wood offers original, unique and affordable glasses made of wood and bamboo. And in addition to being eco-friendly, it’s fashionable: 1 pair bought = 1 planted tree.

#Vinyl It :


There’s necessarily a particular person with whom you share same music! It’s cool to tag the person in question on the Youtube video that you’ll share on Facebook with “hey check that, it’s our song!” . But it’s even better to make it a real gift. Whether it’s for your brother, for your flatmate, or for your best friend, you will be able to create a real vinyl on which will be engraved all your most beautiful songs memories … (Well, he will just need the machine to read it, but that is another gift you will have to suggest to his parents…).



This time we will talk about… the guy with the backpack! You know that one, don’t you? From the adventurer to the picnicker buddy, the buddy who has children, the sportsperson, or just for the buddy who always takes his backpack with him, no matter where he goes. With the PRISM bag, you are sure to please this person with a useful and stylish product.  In any case, the bag adapts to any situation because it allows users to assemble their backpacks as they wish, depending on the type and duration of the activity they are going to do.

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