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Could Facebook M Be My New Best Friend?


Two years ago, on an early winters evening, one of the best movies of 2013 was released. What movie? I am talking about Her by Spike Jonze. Since the release not a day has passed without a dream of having Scarlett Johansson as my computer girlfriend/maid all day long. We can now thank Facebook for its new Messenger concept which is going to help us step towards this dream!

The A.I becomes real

Siri had better watch out, even if IOS 9 shows some great innovation, particularly relating to phone data analysis, Facebook M promises a huge technological advancement close to A.I. As recently revealed by Wired, users can discuss with M the same way they might message another person on Messenger. Facebook software and employees are both in charge of the response and setting up the occasion; therefore when you ask M for a place to go for dinner, it would firstly book your Uber, then your hostel and shortly your evening fellow. “Get closer than ever to your customer”, this is definitely something to be excited about.

We are going to have many friends

Having a maid is fashionable and not exclusive to Facebook or Google: many startups are launching with a similar business plan.

Surfing on the same business that the startup TaskRabbit from the incubator “500 Startups”, I have discovered a young French start-up called, “Hello Jam”. Founded by Marjolaine Grondin, they leveraged 300K€, ($319,455 Dollars) on series A this year. She and her team are building an easy way to discuss with your future janitor: you send a text to “Hello Jam”, for whatever – a job offer for instance -, and your janitor will respond to you almost instantaneously with some choices.Currently Hello Jam is working in France, try it out if you are ever in France!

Even if the maid has no software, the trend is similar. People are looking for a snapshot low cost service and that is the paradox. If 10 years ago I suggested to you; “Men I have a dream that one day, everybody will be able to call their janitor to book a low cost drive in a shared car”, I’m sure that you would have looked me in the eye and called me a silly fool.  Free service of the highest quality thanks to advances in technology.

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Paul Bourceret

Paul Bourceret

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