Coworkation organises coworking events and retreats in inspirational locations around Catalunya, and around the world (such as Bali, Tuscany, Serbia, Thailand and Sth. Africa).  Coworkation believes that since we have an increasing ability to work from anywhere nowadays then we should take advantage of this freedom! We don’t have to wait until holidays to explore the world around us (both near and far). It’s no longer work/life balance, it’s all just living!
Coworkation events are a fusion of personal growth and professional development, and always designed to inspire! Their slogan “Inspiring people, in inspiring places, do inspiring things” says it all.

We had the chance to meet one of the founders of Coworkation: Stuart Jones. A person with a great energy and vision towards new ways of seeing the digital work of the modern times.

Here we share with you a little interview we did:

We’d like to know about the story behind the idea of coworkation. What best defines the concept behind coworkation?

After discovering coworking spaces in 2012 I immediately fell in love with the concept and thought to myself “coworking should be combined with travel”.  The term ‘coworkation’ (a fusion of coworking vacation) popped into my head…it seemed a natural evolution of coworking.

I did a google search for the term, assuming it was already in use but found nothing.  I had a feeling that it would become a noun, equally as commonplace as ‘coworking’ at some point in the future and so I registered the domain.  I didn’t exactly know what the business would entail, it was all a little abstract, but I felt confident that there was something exciting behind it.

Coworkations are for people that are looking for inspiration.  That might be an entrepreneur, freelancer or a location independent professional, it might be somebody looking for an idea, or has an idea that that they want to manifest into reality.  It also includes people who are working in a ‘traditional’ company role.  We all need inspiration at times.


What aspects of the coworkation experience you think are most valuable for people attending.

First, and foremost, to find inspiration…inspired by the other people who attend, the places we visit and the workshop program of a coworkation.  To Step out of their normal environment to:

– Gain new perspectives.

– Find clarity.

– Increase creativity

– Reflect upon their current situation and visualise their future

– Connect and collaborate.

– To explore more of this incredible world that surrounds us.

Could you share with us any motivating/interesting testimonial from people that already lived the coworkation experience?
Here are some testimonials from attendees of our last event in Catalunya. We have had some great stories arise from our events. Idea sharing has helped plants the seeds of a new business that somebody put into place thereafter, a writer who felt blocked picked up pen and paper and was able to progress, various people have found the space they needed to reflect upon their lifestyle back home and have left with specific changes that they were determined to implement, as well as another who took a decision to change career. We have had a couple of instances of people forming a business partnership and others who have picked up new clients for their freelancing services.
What can we expect from coworkation for the rest of 2017?
Exciting times ahead! We have our Tuscany trip coming up in a couple of weeks, we are going to Serbia and travelling back to our ‘second home’, Bali!  We will be doing some great things in and around Barcelona also..with another Inspiration Week occurring in a luxurious 13th century monastery as well as operating our first event on Women’s Leadership.  We also are planning some day events in the city centre, such as a “Brunch Boat”.  We have also set up the first ‘coliving‘ accommodation in Barcelona for digital nomads and location independent professionals. And, in November, we are joining the Street Child España Impact Marathon.
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