A few years ago, David came back from a trip in South Africa. As time passed by, the super cream he bought abroad ended up … empty (grrr…). He wondered if he knew anyone coming over that could buy him a refill. Unfortunately, no one showed up.


He thought this was pretty ridiculous as thousands of travelers transit through airports every single day. Facing this disappointment and as entrepreneur, he decided to build a website: PiggyBee connects the ones looking to ship something with the ones traveling.

On one hand, whether “from” somewhere or “to” somewhere, users will post what they need shipped. Items might be personal stuff (As a bag, keys you’ve forgotten …) but also things you’d like to buy (Think about David’s empty jar of cream!). On the other hand, people will share where they’re traveling from/to. At the end, PiggyBee will compare requests with available trips and will connect both parties so they can arrange delivery.

As pioneer in crowdsourced delivery (aka crowdshipping), PiggyBee has evolved since the first beta version following many of his users’ feedback, with a main concern being security. PiggyBee now provides user with ratings and e-reputation profiles they may create on dedicated trust platforms.

The community will soon reach 4000 thousands active members and the number of matchmaking increases every day.

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Whether you want some chocolate from Switzerland, you need your forgotten clothes shipped, you want to get the latest phone for a cheaper price or you want to be the best legal parcel smuggler, PiggyBee’s is here to help! Last but not least, it’s easy to give it a try as we all travel everyday!

Heading to some remote island or simply commuting from home to work, join their community by sharing your next trip on PiggyBee!

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Hilaire Besse

Hilaire Besse

Co-founder chez Pick & Pow
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