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GAFA-NATU: The King is dead, long life the King!


Ok, Ok, I recognize, the GAFA (loved european acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) are far from being dead; In 2014 alone their combined turnover reached more than $350 billion! However, these Internet giants are now being closely followed by the new heirs to the throne; the NATU (new acronym for Netflix, Airbnb, Tesla and Uber).


This legal on-demand Internet streaming media started in 1997 offering online movie rentals during the VHS era (innovation!). It is risk-free to say that they have succeeded in their business transition as they are the market leaders in online streaming as well as being a leading force in series production (House of Cards, Orange is the new black…). A few figures to prove Netflix has taken the world by storm: 64 billion worldwide subscribers in 2014 alone as well as a turnover of more than $6 billion and a stock price which is constantly rising (+127%).


AirBnB was founded in 2008 by three young entrepreneurs. Originally called “Airbedandbreakfast.com”, this site is now more powerful than any single hotel. AirBnB is one of the founding fathers of the sharing economy, and the online home-sharing community was 2014 company of the year. The company is valued at more than a staggering $10 billion and has listings in over 200 countries (800 000+). Even if these impressive figures make some envious – main Airbnb cities such as San Francisco, New-york, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, want their slice of the cake – Airbnb expansion is far from being stopped.


Founded in 2003 by Iron Man (Elon Musk), Tesla designs and produces ideas for new premium electric vehicles. A very special niche (0.02% of the international market share), but big enough to be valued at $35 billion on the Wall Street stock exchange. As Google or Uber, the Space X CEO is fully focused on the next big challenge of our century, the autonomous vehicles. Sending autonomous cars to Mars, here is the new project for Elon Musk?


Despite the lobbying of taxi companies (suppression of the “UberPop” category in France) and disruption it can cause (we all have in memory some taxi drivers assaulting Uber users), the transportation network company is one of the biggest in the world today. Founded in 2009 in San Fransisco, Uber is valued at an impressive $50 billion, a huge amount for a company which has been around for less than a decade. Uber’s mobile app is active in more than 250 cities across the globe and is continuously growing; the company is currently trying to break into the lucrative Chinese market with the Uber Chinese division having just raised $1 billion to finance the development in China.

So, what do you think? Is winter coming for the GAFA?

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