GAFAnomics you say ? What the hell does that mean ?

If you have never heard about GAFA, don’t worry. It is just an acronym for Google – Apple – Facebook & Amazon, in other words, the 4 biggest companies of our digital economy.

They all managed to be part and parcel of our digital life, by accounting for 55% of our digital journey. Just take a look at your “typical” day. I am ready to bet that you have done at least one of the following stuff:

  • Searched for informations on Google
  • Browsed your Facebook timeline
  • Probably used your iPhone, iPad or Macbook to do so
  • Bought something on Amazon

If you haven’t, well sorry my friend but I must tell you that you’re a lonely wolf in this wild world. But hey, I am sure you get the picture so let’s move on.

Now that you all know what GAFA stands for, you’re ready to be introduced to the mystical notion of GAFAnomics. Well, it’s just a portmanteau word blending GAFA with economics. Much smart, very GAFA, so wording, wow.


This exhaustive study was conducted by Fabernovel in 2014. Yes I know, it has been 2 years since they released it. But first, the situation in 2016 has not changed that much for GAFA. They are still ruling the game. And second, I like to take my time.

The guys at Fabernovel made a hell of a job here, seriously! It is worth taking a look. I suggest you split the reading in two times as this bursts with valuables facts and figures.

The study is articulated as following :

  1. The “free customer” : GAFA consider everybody as a potential customer
  2. The “utility value model”: GAFA think in terms of customer commitment rather than financials
  3. The “pirate management”: GAFA believe in innovative work environment

Here is my TOP 5 slides from this study. Once more, I suggest you to read it entirely, there a many more great slides in it!

You can also see how GAFA have been reconsidering HR practices by creating innovation-friendly environments. It’s not only Google, it is a pattern in successful tech companies. Cherished employees are more likely to deliver better results in a new innovative way.

To finish, the whole study. 82 slides of awesome content ! I hope you’ll enjoy it as I did!


By the way, we’re not Amazon (yet) but we have some pretty cool stuff on our marketplace!


Have a look !

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