On this occasion, we had the chance not just to have a regular interview, but to actually have some fun with Dan & George during the season closing of our series of networking events: Startup my Rooftop.

Both British, Dan & George landed in Barcelona not long ago, and they did it to stay! Another exciting story of expats building up their business in sunny Barcelona.

Here’s the interview with them:

1) How did two British guys end up in Barcelona co-founding their own project?

George (left) and Dan (right) at the Startup Grind Barcelona 3rd Anniversary event back in April

Dan and I have both lived in Barcelona for so long we call it home. I arrived in 2008 and Dan in 2010. We met each other in Oxford TEFL, a teacher training school and language academy where we both worked and where Dan eventually became the director of studies.

I headed off to Medellín, Colombia for several years and was the Editor-in-Chief at a public relations company, and also became a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and The Next Web. When I returned with my wife Livy, I decided that I wanted to build something new.

Dan is one of the most talented and focused people I know and has mountains of experience managing rapidly growing teams and caring for clients. I approached him with a vague idea and there was no hesitation – we began to build Hubbub Labs together.

Although Hubbub Labs is new, I like to think that we are not (!) and Dan’s vision and creativity has taken it to the next level. We are also very lucky also to count on the help of a number of other great people who are based elsewhere – Colombia, the UK, the States, and here in Spain.

2) Tell us a bit more about Hubbub Labs, what is it about?

Hubbub LabsThe Hubbub Labs launch party in July 2017


Hubbub Labs is a different sort of agency. We love a challenge and love to work with startups and more established companies that need help with a whole range of content and digital marketing services.

The thing is, startups and small businesses face a lot of obstacles. They need to build their products and services, find funding, market and advertise their business, they need to grow their teams and revenues, then on top of that they need to pay investors, be legal, satisfy customers, offer value…

It’s a complex gauntlet to run and there is a huge attrition rate – the vast majority fail to make it past their first few years.

At Hubbub Labs we understand that each business has its own set of difficulties, so we listen, personalise and build content and digital marketing packages for each company or entrepreneur we work with. By integrating with our clients’ teams we can take the pressure off and manage the marketing side of things. We walk businesses through through content strategy, content creation and digital marketing processes; we get their voices out there, help them focus on their core challenges and most importantly – grow.

3) Why did you guys selected Barcelona to start this journey?  

Startup my RooftopView from the Startup my Rooftop closing party says it all!

Mostly because neither of us want to leave! Barcelona is unique. It is a world leading smart city with an ancient history and the most important startup scene in Spain. It has everything from a great climate to solid business support from EU-funded initiatives like Barcelona Activa.

4) What do you guys think about the startup scene in the city  

Barcelona has a tight-knit community of startups. We’re finding, as we attend more networking events, that we’re bumping into the same people as much as we are making new connections. It’s a collaborative atmosphere and there’s a lot of buzz here.

It’s also the number one place in Spain for Startups and ranks as the number 5 Startup hub in Europe – according to Mobile World Capital. Moreover, it is the home of a number of great networking events like yours and you can’t walk down the street without tripping over a new co-working space full of digital nomads, SMEs and startups.

And I think the future is bright. The city has a number of very successful startups. Typeform–with its recent $35m series B–is a good example.

Big names like that draw a lot of attention – and investors will certainly be keeping an eye on the ecosystem here. I’m sure there’ll be more of the same in the near future – money attracts money, after all. Internationally successful startups also draw international talent. As companies mature, we’ll see this talent move around and smaller-name startups will surely benefit.

I wrote more on this in a recent article on The Next Web.

5) What can we expect from Hubbub Labs for the rest of 2017

We’re beavering away meeting new people, building partnerships and finding new ways to help our clients succeed. Our next step is to find a great co-working space to call home.

We’ll be attending lots of conferences and events in the near future, so please do come along and say hi – we love to chat and hear about your projects.

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