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How I Met Your Influencer


Since the start of 2014, Linkedin has been developing a new program known as “influencer”. This new and exclusive program brings together a group of business experts handpicked by Linkedin to become the leading voices on the platform. I definitely recommend following the influencers as they provide some interesting and pretty cool information for you! Today I’ll try to give you some of my own tips.

Draw the Information from the very source.

Two of the most active influencers on Linkedin are Reid Hoffman and Jeff Weiner. The founder of Linkedin and its CEO post most days about the Valley world. Although there posts are sometimes only to congratulate interns of the Mountain View office’s, they regularly produce posts which are highly relevant. In addition, since Reid Hoffman was hired by Greylock (one of the most famous VC funds of SF) he has sat on the board of AirBnB, did I say influencer?

The power of money

Considering that investors are calling the shots in the Valley, they are aware of plenty of hearsay. From Hunter Walk to Ben Horowitz and even Michael Moritz, all are striving to share news about companies they work with. You need proof of their influence? Michael Moritz has sat on the board of Linkedin, Google, Yahoo and PayPal. Rumours say he also flies.

For my favourite feminist reader, Emma Watson.

Finally I found out some great women influencers. Arianna Huffington from the Huffington Post is one of the most followed people on Linkedin, this is not surprising given the quality of their news, especially about energy. Angela Ahrendts from Apple can also not be ignored: much more attractive than Al-Gore (no offence), she published a very relevant article based around the impact of transformative change.

I am sure that in this short article I have missed plenty of entrepreneur’s who deserve to be well known and well followed, so please feel free to comment below and expose your “hall of fame” of Influencers. Don’t forget: “You are what you share!”

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