Julia Blachon, 25 years old, she’s the co-founder of, a french lifestyle magazine, only dedicated to the…girlfriends or in french “Les copines”! We met her in Barcelona, where she is currently working and developing a startup. Be careful, this interview has been made with love and smileys.

Hey copine Julia! Could you tell us a bit about you?

Hi Hilaire! Well, I’m a 25 years-old frenchie (from Lyon). I am graduated from a Business School in France and I have been working in Barcelona for one year now. I’m also co-founder of this fresh website :

“Hey Les Copines”? What’s that? Time to pitch!

Our platform is a french community of copines (girlfriends) who help each other and want to live life to the fullest! Travelling, going to live abroad, creating a company, having fun and daring!

We provide tips for Les copines visiting cities such as New York City, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Berlin… We also help them launch a startup, a blog or a project in general. It’s a collaborative blog, all Les copines may write on it.

Oh! We also have an eshop where you can find the perfect accessories to offer to your friends, only limited editions and simple designs!

Pochette copine
The “Pochette copine” article

But why is it only about girlfriends? You don’t like us, as boys?

Of course we do love them! But this project is based on my encounter with Caroline (the other co-founder). So we wanted to launch something related to that… A wonderful adventure with some copines who love to chat around a perfect brunch, to speak about trips, about women’s entrepreneurship, technology, expatriation… I admit that time to time we invite boyfriends to talk with us…but we mainly have a blast with Les copines! (Whoopssss).

Caroline and Julia

Wait a minute… How do you do to combine work, entrepreneurship and brunches? Are you a superhero or something?

If only! Truth is, days are short, 24 hours is nothing! So it’s always delicate to combine your job and your project. I never quit working, but it’s possible!

I try to take advantages of weekends to create nice articles for our blog. I always have a time slot dedicated to that, and Wunderlist helps me a lot to organize myself.

Another big advantage is Caroline, who is based on Los Angeles. We live with a 9 hours time difference, so is living 24hours a day!

PS: I think it’s way easier to work in winter in Barcelona. Because during summer, a cocktail in the sun is hard to refuse…

Julia and copine
Pictures of copines

Speaking about that, Barcelona, the climate, the beach, the terraces, Les copines…. How do you do to stay focused and resist the urge to go out?

I had to reduce my reunions!

I keep trying to increase my network by going more often to Meetups, but I have a very busy schedule. And it’s important to relax when you are combining a job and a personal project.

So, I allow myself to attend to international festivals such as “Primavera”, “Sonar” or “DGTL”. Moreover, I try to go for a trip, to go for a run or to eat out. Just to clear my mind.

Sure thing! So, what would you advice to a copine who wants to start a business?

There are a lot of things I would advise to do… We already wrote an article about this, but it’s in French…

If I had to choose only one advise, It would be to surround yourself with the best people. For instance, my encounter with Caroline was key. We had a direct feeling and complementary profiles.

Speaking about profile… How do you imagine HeyLesCopines in one year?

I’m sure we will still be together with Caroline. The ideal would be to have copines representing the brand in every big city,  to help and advise other copines to go abroad or to launch a company.

We also have in mind to increase our community, so it can continue to be dynamic, fun, interactive and to motivate a lot of of copines every day, make them happy and make them interact with other copines.

The wall "les copines"
The wall “Les copines”

Moreover, we are going to have a new fashion accessories collection! I can’t say too much for now but we can’t wait to introduce them to our copines soon !

We can’t wait either! By the way, have you ever received stupid comments regarding the fact that two copines are starting a business?

Hummm not really. We are lucky because we are having a blast in what we do and we have good feedback regarding what we already accomplished, like “Wow, it’s super pro!”. So we keep 100% motivated… We still have a lot to learn though!

So cool, don’t give up! A last word to say?

Sure! Now we are more than impatient to know more about you, the Pick & Pow Mag readers.. So please feel free to send us smooth messages to or to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. The more, the merrier!

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