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Kubb: Someone Finally Said Stop To Ugly PC Towers


What is the kubb

Since computers have been accessible to public, their design keeps improving to make them more beautiful. Today, we have at least flat screens, smooth and connected mouses, and more or less innovative keyboards. But what about the PC Tower? Seriously, take a look at your PC tower now, and tell me there is a difference with that:


THANKS GOD, someone finally thought about redesigning our PC Tower. And what can be less visible and less annoying than an ugly tower? A cube of course!

So, let us introduce you Kubb. Kubb is a design computer, shaped like a perfect 4.7 inches wide cube , that you can customize as you wish with colors, materials, but also with the Processor (Intel Core from i3 to i7), the OS (Linux, Windows 10, Windows 7) , The Storage (From 500 GB to 1 TB) and the Memory (From 4 to 16GB 1600MHz) that suit you the best.


How does it work

Put your Kubb on your table, near your screen, and connect it with no more than 2-3 cables. It does not overheat, it’s soundless and above all, design.


Who will love this

Well, first of all, all people that have a computer at home or at the office, bored of losing space and having a warm, noisy & ugly ventilator that is also called “PC Tower”. With the Kubb you gain space to put files, a printer or even a microwave (if you do like the noise and need to reheat your lunch before everyone). Anyway, with the Kubb, you are the king, aren’t you? 


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Hilaire Besse

Hilaire Besse

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