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Lux Cables | The Premium Charging Cable

Lux cables

It’s funny how a simple and daily object can get on your nerves if it’s not working. Why not start with something we use minimum once a day? Our phone cable charger! We have discovered a product on Kickstarter that will definitely make our lives easier!

How will it make my life easier?

1- You will finally be able to check your phone in your bed. Seriously, why all power outlets have been installed far from our beds? If you’re lucky, you can manage to put your phone on your nightstand. But chilling with your phone in bed? Impossible! The cable is too short. Sending a message? Possible, if it’s all good for you to break your back.

2- You will finally stop to take your roommates’ cable charger. Your cable just broke once again? It is just the third times in the last 6 months? Remains the roommate cable option, but what if he needs it like right now? You’ll have to wait a couple of hours without phone (without battery), and for some people, that’s impossible. But you should try it, it brings some fresh air sometimes. Anyway.

3- You will finally charge your phone quickly. We all know those kinds of situations, when you need your phone ready and with full battery in 15 minutes. Like before taking your car to go on a weekend trip, before going for a run, or before going home from work… and every time, you succeed in negotiating 10 minutes more battery with your charger. But no more. Sure thing, it’s a good start, but, you know…

No more teasing…Show me what it is!

Okkk! The product we want to introduce you today is a phone cable charger that solves all the annoying situations I have quoted above. It’s name is “Lux Cables” and has been designed by 2 life long friends, Jeremy Smeets and Hugh B, from Canada.

lux cables

Indeed, the Lux Cable is 2 meters long (no more back or chilling problem), it is covered by a thick nylon material (inspired by paracord or parachute cord. Solid things.), it works with Apple phones and tablets (from iPhone 5) & with all Android/Windows phones.

And above all, its supports Quick Charge 2.0. This allows you to charge your phone faster than conventional charging.

Lux cables

Where I can find it?

The Lux Cables has been on Kickstarter for one week and has already overtaken its objective. If you want to support and pre-order it, here it is


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