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My romantic encounter with Tesla


I remember in 1997, when I was a little manly boy, I saw one of my favourite movies: The Fifth Element from Luc Besson. After that, my only goal was to grow up and buy a big flying car. Eight years later, in 2005, I almost got crushed by a Jaguar S-Type. Then I knew that until I had this car my life would be intolerable. Five days ago, I saw for real the new P85D model from Tesla and I swear, that was the last time I changed sides, it is definitely my new favourite car.

Combining an 85 kWh battery with a 470 HP rear motor and a 221 HP front motor, the ModelS P85D can accelerate from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. I guess for many this sentence makes little sense, particularly my female audience, so I will focus now on how Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, is building a new trend of super car.

Legen…Wait for it…Dary

Elon Musk, in addition to being the next Ironman, is a great CEO. As Nike I.D he developed the co-creation platform for his cars. Everyone who has previously played the video game Need for Speed would be excited. On the Tesla website you have a design studio which enables you to change and personalize your future dream car from the interior to the spoiler and wheels. Tesla is putting a huge stamp on the e-commerce market and provides a more engaging shopping experience. Its sales funnel is boosting and it resolves the problems often caused by mass production.

According to the Huffington post, more co-creation platforms will emerge but mainly for businesses selling expensive 100$ shoes, not for a car equal to 100 times my salary! Making car production personal is as bright as putting on every iPhone signature mail: “sent from my IPhone”.

Elon Musk is a visionary

Another point highlighting that Elon Musk and his Tesla baby are far ahead of me and my rubbish Fiat is his ability to innovate. Everybody has heard in August that if Tesla can actually build a fully-autonomous car by 2020, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick would be ready to buy it. In fact, his plan would be to buy many Tesla cars for his company: no more drivers to pay, imagine the savings! Google is trying to get in on this lucrative market but is using a slightly different approach. Tesla are upgrading their cars with a monocular forward-looking camera technology from Mobileye, whereas Google is boosting their “Google map” through LIDAR data. Each of these systems excels in their own domain but Tesla is lower cost and the spring version of the S P85D already owns the first autopilot software.

Finally, about the car itself, perhaps Mister Musk and I have the same first love. Luc Besson and his flying car had better watch out, Tesla P85D seems to come directly from Space X factory (the other Elon Musk Company): working on carbon fibre, aluminium structure, 17 inch touchscreen (Ipad is 9.7 inch) and so forth. “We were promised flying cars and we got 140 characters” told us Peter Thiel, CEO of PayPal and biggest friend of Elon Musk; now I know that he’s surely wrong.

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Paul Bourceret

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