Lots of startups & entrepreneurs have been realising lately about the power of videos when developing a marketing strategy. Some even say 2017 it’s the year of video marketing. We definitely agree that videos stand out on social media, giving customers a quick overview of a product without overwhelming them with text.

In less than fourty seconds, a person can get the information he needs about a business through a short, visually-appealing video.

Today we got the chance to talk with Raw Motions, a video production agency founded by Robin Lindgren, a Swedish videographer and editor with great creativity and authentic style. Raw Motions recently moved its base to Barcelona where it is helping startups and other companies with video marketing for social media and websites.

Interview with Raw Motions

– Hi Robin! Thanks for giving us some of your time.

Tell us a bit about yourself, like what is your background, what are your biggest passions in life.

My name is Robin Lindgren and I am a video maker and entrepreneur from Sweden. My biggest passion in life is traveling and to inspire other people through my work and creativity.

Unlike most video producers, I started off by taking my master’s in Business and Administration. I worked with marketing and sales for about six years before I decide to switch path and focus 100% on my passion for video making. That’s when I quit my job in Sweden and moved to Barcelona.

Tell us a bit more about your project. What is it about? how was it born?

Raw Motions was born when I moved to Barcelona in 2016. After doing some market research, I saw a big increase in companies using video content, as a part of their social media and online marketing. The only problem for most of these companies was (and still is) that they didn’t have the knowledge and/or the money to produce quality videos. With my background in marketing and my passion for video, I saw a big opportunity to help companies and startups to produce better video material.

Today I help both big and small companies with their video productions, but I try to focus on startups, as I think it’s more fun and usually more creative. I do mostly shorter clips (under one minute) for social media and websites. Most often I work on my own, but for larger projects I usually outsource some of the tasks to other specialists (voice overs etc). Not including too many people, also let me keep the prices relatively low, making it possible for startups and smaller companies to use my services.

Could you tell us a little story about the most challenging project you’ve delivered for a client?

My most challenging project must have been one of my first ones, that I delivered to a Norwegian client. The challenge was to deliver a explanation video for a website-building-service. The problem was that the site was still under development and the company constantly changed its content and look, which made it impossible to finish the video in time. But It was definitely a great learning experience for me, even though it took a lot longer than expected.

Why did you choose Barcelona to live and develop your project?

The main reason is that I had some of my closest friends living and working in Barcelona before moving here. I also chose Barcelona because I have been here a lot and I really enjoy the variety of people and cultures. It’s simple a city that inspires me with a lot of creative opportunities.

What difficulties have you found more challenging when developing your own startup

The time it takes. I think a lot of people think they have failed if their startup doesn’t make a lot of money the first year.

I was very stressed out in the beginning about the fact that I didn’t make much money (which becomes essential after a while). Especially in video production, it’s a lot about contacts and talking to the right persons. It doesn’t come to you at once, especially when you are new in a city and don’t know a lot of people. The biggest challenge for me has been to stay focused and always think, what is the next step I need to take to get in the right direction? Eventually it will come to you, it’s just a matter of time.

What can we expect from Raw Motions  for 2017?

I have a few new collaborations and projects that will take place, both in Barcelona, Sweden and Denmark. I’m also going to work more with artists and music, which I really enjoy doing. And of
course I’m looking forward to the Pick & Pow Start Up My Rooftop events in Barcelona and Madrid. I feel like 2017 is going to be a great year for Raw Motions!

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