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Ruggie: Oversleeping Is Impossible Now!



A few months ago, we introduced you a Kickstarter product allowing you to fall asleep like a baby. Today it’s time to introduce you an innovative product allowing you TO WAKE UP in the morning, my lazy friend. On average, waking up 5 minutes earlier in the morning makes you gain 100 days to your life…

What is the problem?

Did you know that we are more than 33% of people to reschedule our alarm clock at least 3 times a day? Yes, I included myself, except that I don’t have alarm clocks, physically speaking (my roommates insisted to take care of it).

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Anyway, the consequence is the same: we wake up very late, or worth, we don’t wake up at all. No time for a smooth and calm breakfast, it’s just about a 30 sec shower and a sprint until the office. And it’s the same story every day: we promise ourselves to go to bed earlier, but we always forget our commitment when its time to start the movie- red wine session. And so forth.

Oh! And don’t be naive, setting 1, 3 or even 10 alarms won’t change anything. You can be the most motivated person in earth, if your brain has decided not to wake you up, you will snooze.

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What is the Ruggie™?

So Barack Obama himself declared one day: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we seek.” He is quite right. But let’s receive a bit of help. This help is called “Ruggie”.

Ruggie is a kind of a rug-alarm clock. The concept is quite easy: Place it at the foot of your bed and, by the morning,  it won’t stop to ring until you put your both feet on it for at least 3 seconds. No more tricky snooze with your hand, the only way to turn off your alarm clock is to sit down on your bed.

The best is to come: this rug-alarm clock can also motivate you (as if waking up on time was not enough to prove our motivation).


How does it work?

The morning, Ruggie’s alarm needs to sense your pressure for at least 3 seconds before it shuts off!


Of course, it can play any custom sound you want to play. Simply connect your computer via USB, and then drag in the sound filles you desire! Advice from the editorial board: set up the Braveheart soundtrack and you will wake up ready to kick this day ass!

Who will love this product?

The one answering he won’t is either a liar not assuming to be a sleepy piggy pig, either someone who has professionally coached his brain to wake up. Well, he might also be someone who doesn’t like to sleep. But that’s impossible. So to answer the question, almost everyone will love this product. Is not a dream for everyone to wake up like this? 

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Where I can find this product?

This project has already raised €80,000 in 5 days on Kickstarter. You can support it here

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