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Skybuds: Truly Wireless Earbuds & Smartphone Case


Last year, I purchased new earphones over 6 or 7 times! Not to mention passing some days just having sound on one earphone. Everytime this happens, I get so annoyed by my incredulity…

Meet Skybuds

By Skybuds
By Skybuds

Quality sound on wireless earphones. How?

Skybuds Team are all ‘audiophiles people’ (having an ardent interest in stereo or high-fidelity sound reproduction). They have managed unparalleled, badass, best-in-class sound:

–  They got top-of-the-line balanced armature speakers & they used the Near Field Magnetic Induction. Basically, they used the best quality of speakers they could find.

–  Passive noise cancellation. It’s the noise that headphones block out, based on the physical design of the earcups.

–  Psychoacoustic algorithms. These algorithms form a richer sound with robust bass.

By Skybuds

Design & App



By Skybuds
By Skybuds

Quick visual intro

The creators

By Skybuds
By Skybuds

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