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Tell Me Your Code And I Will Tell You Who You Are


If you have ever attended to a Business School’s Startup Weekend, you have necessarily heard this: “I’ve got the next Facebook idea but I need dev”. Certainly one of the biggest issues of this decade: people need dev! Therefore, I will try to expose you an overview of programming languages that you have to monitor (or at least understand) if you want to be the next Zuckerberg.

Before taking your keyboard, you have to keep in mind that there are three main topics about development: the client side, the server side and the database. A real developer has to manage all of these.

<How to get started? Client Side/>

When you were in elementary school, the first knowledge that you had to learn was the alphabet. Same way for code, your first step in the Matrix goes through the learning of HTML and CSS languages. Go to Codecademy.com and work on it. Tips for you, to be tough, you have to define a purpose: build your own website for example. On the way, feel free to setup a Github account to create, learn and share your code.

Client side regroups other codes as Javascript. If you’re good enough on the previous subject, take a look at it but you will have to be patient.

<Upgrade your website, the server side/>

Yeah, your mother will be so proud of you; your made a website with your resume on it! But that is not enough for me! Now there are two relevant ways for you: improve your skills (especially on graphic web design) and become a multitasking front end dev,  or come to the server side. The second way is truly the in-depth option, obviously PHP or Ruby will become much more than a friend. By the way, to stop making stupid errors within your PHP code, ALWAYS make a check on PHP Code Checker. Server side is important to create a dynamic behavior, process forms, interact with your database or even set up user options. Here is the invisible part of the iceberg.

To conclude, database should be integrated to your website. Here is the fact, your app or your website without database is like your goldfish. To manage this and to obtain some useful information, let’s appreciate SQL: It can be used to quickly retrieve a large amount of records from database. I swear to you, that’s useful.
Feel free to improve this three ways, the purpose is not to become a real full stack developer but I promise that some knowledge might be change your entrepreneur life.

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Paul Bourceret

Paul Bourceret

Entrepreneurship student and bidding reporter looking for new challenges