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The CAMpanion : Improve your GoPro experience!

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What is the CAMpanion?

The CAMpanion is an accessory that allows you to fix your GoPro on your device and improves its settings. For example, it enables you to see and review what you’re shooting on screen; it also allows you to use your device flashlight to lighten your shoots or to take stable photos. The CAMpanion was developed in 2014 by three photography enthusiasts from Bloomington (America), Sarah Rose, Amos Fridlin and David Itzkowitz.

You can also watch this cool video that explains it better than us!

How does it work?

Stick the base of the CAMpanion on your device’s back (or to any flat surface) and slide your GoPro within it. It works with or without your camera protection.

You can also watch this short video:

Who will love this service?

All the fans of the GoPro cameras (Everyone!). And in particular, those who want a comfortable way to use their GoPros off the mountain and out of the water.

Where you buy it?

You can find more details at Pick&Pow and can receive a 10% discount on your purchase!

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