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The Foobot: Control your indoor air with ease.


What is the Foobot?

Lighting candles on the dinner table, spraying your room with air freshener, painting your wall or even having a pet can contaminate your inside Air… Pretty scary!

That’s why we love the Foobot. It’s a connected device that controls your indoor air and alerts you when something is bad. It also sends you alerts and notifications in order to improve it as soon as possible… Pretty cool!

The Foobot was thought and designed by AirboxLab, a start-up specially created for it, and founded by Inouk Bougon & Jacques Touillon. The idea was born because Jacques became curious how to best help his old child in his fight against asthma… Pretty clever!

How does it work?

The Foobot is a connected device that you have to connect to an outlet – the Foobot Version 1, being with an external battery, having noticed that the performance & monitoring was reduced. Humility and improvement, that’s what we are talking about!

Moreover, you have to connect your smartphone to your device through an App (Apple & Android) in order to receive advice and smooth warning from your Air Guru.

Who will love this service?

Well, the question is not “who will love this service”, but “who needs this service”. Answer is simple: did you actually know before reading this article that your indoor air is eight times more polluted than the outside air?

Where can you buy it?

You can find more details at pickandpow.com and can receive a 10 % discount on your purchase! Oh! You don’t know pickandpow yet? Here are the founders, actually speaking about the foobot:


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