“Recruitment sometimes is a bit dry you know, you see so many CV’s, it seems kind of impossible not to judge the book by it’s cover. I always thought that you can tell a lot from CV’s but at the end, you will only decide if you meet that person or not”.

I think what makes a successful professional is more about “if you got the right mindset, have you got the right team, because at the end of the day it’s a team what makes something work (also the product), but I think investors invest on the teams rather than on the idea”.

What I think gets people further in their career is being open for change

Some coffee and a nice chat with Leon Mueller, co-founder at Squelo. This startup has a personality analysis that constantly learns through a user’s social behaviour on the web.


The internet contains an unimaginably vast amount of data of which only a small percentage is analysed and used. Squelo’s goal is to use all this information with Cognitive Computing and machine learning techniques to simplify the process of finding jobs and hiring by automatically matching talent with companies based on personality and organisational culture.


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Alexander Chacon
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