Tim Ougeot is one of the three frenchies and co-founders of YUGO, an new electric scooter sharing service based in Barcelona, and above all a family business. We met him and his team to know more about them.

Hey Tim! Tell us a bit about you, what are you doing in Barcelona?

Hey Hilaire!  So, I’m Tim, 29, french guy from Burgundy, and co-founder of a startup named YUGO.

After some years in Germany working for a big automotive group, we decided with Ben and Yann, the two other co-founders, to move to Barcelona in order to launch our startup. Indeed, I started my professional life in a big group, it was really interesting, but I quickly realized that I wanted to create my own project.

When we were in Munich with Ben, Yann and Luc (our Chief of Experience) we usually worked on side-projects. And we quickly realized we had more fun working on them, than working in our respective jobs. So the team went really well and after a first project, we came up with the YUGO idea.


Nice! But what is YUGO about? And why moving to Barcelona?

YUGO is an electric scooters sharing system. To make it simple, it´s like the well known bike sharing system, but with electric scooters and without station. Through an App, our users can localize the nearest scooter, book it, access it and then open the topcase where they can find 2 helmets, and start the engine.

It’s mostly a system for short one way trips, as we charge per minute. Once the user has reached his destination, he just drops the scooter where he wants and closes the session. The scooter is then available for the next user.

Yugo Cover

Why Barcelona? Actually it was the perfect combination between the project and our personal « needs »: perfect city to ride scooters, really good weather, a city aiming to be the “smartest city in europe” and a very dynamic startup scene. And obviously, we are crazy about patatas bravas!! (Editor’s note: patatas bravas is a speciality of Barcelona).


To resume, you decided to launch your first startup in a country you didn’t know, with a consumer behaviour and a legal administration you didn’t know neither? Are you crazy or something?

Haha yeah almost! People were actually thinking the same because we had a good job in Germany, so why should we quit them to go to a country that everyone is trying to run away from?

So we arrived in September to set up the project here. It´s very important to feel the city for such services. Each city has its characteristics, its own culture, Barcelona offer a lot of great support for entrepreneurs and the connections within the startup world are really simple and natural! We have known really fast great people, partners and mentors that helped us a lot, and yes we are a bit locos. But it was the perfect choice for us 🙂


In this perfect choice, what was the most annoying thing you guys had to do to develop YUGO?

Going through the administrative processes for sure. It’s a huge procedure, our scooters come from Germany and we realized that europe is still not aligned regarding processes. Matriculation, technical specs and insurance for instance, have been big challenges, but once you have done it several times, it´s ok. And as you mentioned it, we had no idea of how it was working in Spain.

But, we all know that, the key factor in a startup is the execution. So every operative challenges are important to go through, you have to find solutions, you have to adapt. If you succeed not to give up during these annoying steps, it’s a good start!

Did you know how difficult it is to launch a startup?

Personally I didn´t know all the difficulties, but our CPO Yann has a long startup experience! He brought his experience and we learned a lot from him. So I would say that we were pretty well prepared, we knew what we would have to go through.

Obviously, it´s not super easy everyday but that´s what I love in the startup’s experience, then every little success is GREAT.

YUGO electric scooters in the summit of Barcelona

Yes, you’re totally right! Keeping the positive side is key! Did you notice a big difference between your former job and your daily experience as an entrepreneur?

Sure! In a startup you have to move and react fast! You need to be much more flexible, and I have the feeling that we all want to go in the same direction, that we all do the maximum to achieve it and it’s great to work with friends and family!

About that, I’ve heard your brother just joined YUGO! So how it is to work with a brother?

You’ll love this story. Actually YUGO is a family matter. My brother joined us some months ago. Ben and Yann have both twins (true story!), engineers, and also joined the team. Finally, our web-designer is my childhood friends! We work like that and it works perfectly.

We hear often that it can be tricky but I also had really good feedbacks from close friends of mine who are working with brother and sister (Hannah Oiknine and Sarah Azan, founders of Babbler)  and it has been always clear to me that I wanted to create things with people I love.


Some tools to advice to entrepreneurs to help them in their growth or organization?

For teamwork, definitely slack and for project management, trello! Another really nice tool is kickofflabs, to create landing page campaigns That Go Viral! But the most important tool for me is the networking. Meetup, conferences or for example just having a simple beer and patatas bravas with another entrepreneurs to encourage yourself to know more inspiring people. The social tool remains to be the best!

Sure thing! A last word to say Tim?

Don´t be afraid of moving from your comfort zone, do what you want to do, do what you love to do. It sounds like « bullshit » but once you have done it you will feel good!


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