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Vinyl’it : Personalize your vinyl record!

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What is Vinyl’it

Vinyl’it creates on-demand & personalized vinyl records. A french idea developed in 2014 by two music lovers, Pierre Creff & Clément Guillot.

How does it work

Go to the online platform, choose your favourite music, mix it with you best vinyl design and get it delivered straight to your door!

Who will love this service

The old-school DJ’s mixing with vinyl records & the collectors looking for exclusivity.

How to get your vinyl

You can find more details at Pick & Pow and can receive a 5% discount on your purchase!


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Hilaire Besse

Hilaire Besse

Co-founder chez Pick & Pow
Co-founder at Pick & Pow - French entrepreneur, crazy about innovation, entrepreneurship, and patatas bravas. Want to talk about your startup? Reach us on: mag@pickandpow.com
  • Totalement fan de ce concept ! Bravo à Pierre et Clément.

  • totalement fan de ce concept ! Bravo à Pierre et Clément