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Yirego Steps Into 2016 With the Right Foot Forward


The Toronto-based product design company Yirego has started 2016 on a fantastic note.

The company achieved over 225% of their crowdfunding goal, and has also been named one of the 2016 Rodale 100 Environmental Pioneers. Next up, Yirego will be participating in the 2016 NCFA Crowd Funding Summit.

Yirego launched its first product, the Drumi, in April 2015. From there, the Drumi has won the Canadian James Dyson Award and took North America by storm. The Drumi has been featured in the Huffington Post, CBC, the Globe and Mail, and has received over 30,000 followers across social media channels.

Yirego launched a crowdfunding campaign in November 2015. This was the first time Yirego has opened its pre-orders internationally. From there, Yirego became an internationally recognized company. Through the campaign, Yirego introduced a newer, updated version of the

Drumi as well as a new colour scheme; white and silver.

Soon on Pick & Pow! Meanwhile, you can pre-order this awesome and sustainable innovation through their crowd-funding campaign.

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Hilaire Besse

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