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Your idea is nothing without actions!


We all have a friend who wants to be an entrepreneur because he thinks of new business ideas every day. That’s great, but the truth is without actions your idea is nothing. It’s like you have got a nice car, but without petrol, completely useless.

You want to be an entrepreneur? Awesome! Here are the 3 main reasons why you should stop and think before going ahead into your project.

1) Being convinced by your idea makes you powerful.

When you have an idea you believe in, your body is suddenly overcome with desire and passion. You have stars in your eyes and no one can stop you. If you have this belief you know you will put your all into the project and are fully motivated to do whatever it takes.

Launching a start-up is very heavy and requires strenuous efforts. Only when you have sufficient motivation will you have the strength to resist and not give up.

2) Don’t waste time, you will regret it!

Here is a fact: At least one person in the world is already thinking about your great idea. First come, first served, so make the most of your time guys! There are no excuses: lack of time? Make time! Use all your spare hours, weekends, evenings. Lack of funding? Find the funding! Try ‘love money’, crowdfunding, grants or even start-ups loan. No web developer? Find him! Go to entrepreneurship meetings, start-up weekends or even Hackathons. Thinking about the solution to these issues puts you a step ahead so take action early!

3) Failure is nothing.

You fail, so what? Never think of your start-up as a failure, more like a learning process which will help you improve in the future! To be honest, I was a bit sceptical on this point but I have come to realise it is totally true! As you might be looking for concrete example, here is what I have learned: how to build – legally speaking- a company, how to produce a business plan, how to build a commercial offer, how to communicate with clients and negotiate with them, how to manage a team, how to create a website (basics) and how to deal with problems! In one year you will learn so much and realise that even if the start-up does not prove to be a success, the experience is still huge in your development.

Don’t forget, putting 100% into your project is everything and you won’t regret it. So what are you doing? Stop reading this article and get going to achieve your dream!

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Hilaire Besse

Hilaire Besse

Co-founder chez Pick & Pow
Co-founder at Pick & Pow - French entrepreneur, crazy about innovation, entrepreneurship, and patatas bravas. Want to talk about your startup? Reach us on: mag@pickandpow.com