Did you know that out of 10 business leaders, 8 agree that they have an engagement and retention problem and 7 are struggling to attract and recruit the top people they need?

We all know that having a team that can be on your side no matter what is very important, but a very hard thing to do, especially when you start growing as a company.

If you ever found yourself in a situation when you didn’t know how to attract and where to find great people to work for you, how to increase the retention rate in your team, what on-boarding process you need to use or how to build a company culture that people would die to work for we might have found your gateway to help you take your team to the next level.

Your Tribe is a 3 days and 4 nights event, that is happening in a 4 * hotel in the heart of Romanian mountains ( just 3 hours away from Bucharest, the capital city)

Who is this event for?

  • Startup and SMEs owners that have up to 150 employees. We believe that YOU are the one who can make a change!

Why should you join?

  • You want to grow your organisation in a healthy way
  • You want your brand to be the thing that everybody wants to work for
  • You encounter management & team issues and you want to know how to fix them

This event is not a conference, it is an experience.

Our friends from Date a Startup made the sessions as practical as possible, in order for you to have an amazing experience. During the first day, you will attend leadership assessments (that will reveal how you are being seen as a leader) and storytelling workshops ( that will help you engage your employees in your story and in your company’s story).

Second day will help you share best practices with entrepreneurs who have adopted a freedom centered attitude and will tell you how that has impacted their team and business. Last but not least, during the last day, you will be able to create an action plan that you can implement right when you get home.

Bonus points: morning yoga, mentoring and energy healing.

Who will facilitate the event:

  • Corina Anghel (CEO Rocketists),
  • Andreas Fuhrmann ( Managing Partner Transearch),
  • Ilma Nausedaite ( COO Mailerlite),
  • Adrian Dinu (CEO Human Synergistics)
  • Andreea Rosca ( Trainer, author of an entrepreneurial case studies best seller in Romania)
  • and more to be announced soon
Worry not. All facilitators have been handpicked. They all have experience either by working with growing teams, or have grown teams of their own.

Next to exquisite learning sessions, for 400 EUR (VAT not included), you will have included

  • Accommodation for 4 nights
  • Daily Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Coffee breaks
  • All daily sessions and workshops access
  • Access to night activities
  • 1-1 coaching

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