By George Chilton, CEO at Hubbub Labs, a shiny new content and digital marketing agency based in Barcelona.

What makes a successful entrepreneur? To my mind, they all have something of the mad scientist about them – and that’s a good thing. With a strong vision, they are pioneers in their own spaces, determined to take a crazy idea from conception to success. They are driven to solve other people’s problems and all are willing to experiment, fail and try again.

Of course, they’re not all moonstruck geniuses welding titanium robots in the dead of night (cue lightning bolts), or coding apps until their fingers bleed (thunder claps). But they do all know what it feels like to work hard and not get any recognition.

When you think that around 90% of all new businesses go under, you’ve got to add bravery and passion to that list of characteristics.

Why most bright ideas get extinguished

A lot of brilliant ideas are thought up in basements…and a lot of them stay there. When you’re pulling 18 hour days to build a prototype and stretching yourself so thin that you can’t do anything well, branding, blogging and digital marketing tend to fall off the list of priorities.

There’s just no time. And that’s a huge deal.

It’s why most startups and small businesses struggle to create awareness, why they fail at generating leads, and why they can’t get traction.

Business owners, CMOs, and overstretched dev teams understand that no matter how inspired or life-changing a service, product, or murderous titanium robot is, it’s no good if it languishes in the dark.

Luckily for you, Hubbub Labs has built a time machine

By working with us, you can get all that time spent marketing, writing blog posts, newsletters, ebooks, and creating branded social media posts back.

How? Well, you hand the project to us, and we’ll give you back all that time, so you can work on the core aspects of your business.

Hubbub Labs is a content and digital marketing agency that helps you get your hard work noticed for all the right reasons. Our name – Hubbub – reflects the happy noise of people talking about your company. We’re a lab because we set targets, make hypotheses, and test our approaches to make sure you get the best return on your investment.

We have a flexible range of monthly digital and content marketing packages aimed at startups and small to medium businesses.

  • Our content marketing services help you talk to the people who matter and give them value through blog posts, newsletters and branded social media posts
  • Our ghost written through leadership articles establish your reputation as an expert in the public eye.
  • Our e-books help you generate leads
  • Our press releases help you connect to a much wider audiences
  • Our digital marketing services on social media put your brand in front of thousands of carefully targeted people
  • And a lot more besides

Why haven’t I heard of Hubbub Labs before?

Oh come on, give us a chance! Hubbub Labs is extremely new. It was founded in 2017 by George Chilton and Dan Shepherd.

George & Dan from Hubbub LabsGeorge (left) and Dan (right) at the Startup Grind Barcelona 3rd Anniversary event back in April.

Having written and edited for companies as diverse as Microsoft, Hallmark Cards, Symantec and over a hundred of Silicon Valley startups, George wanted to build something of his own in Barcelona.

Dan, a qualified forensic scientist, avid mountaineer, and director of one of the largest language schools in the city was the ideal partner to help him do just that. So with scientific precision, they set about trying to work out how Catalan bureaucracy worked.

They’ve almost figured it out.

Step into our time machine

Our mission is to help you grow your business through tailored content and digital marketing. By taking the heavy lifting out of messaging, we give you back time to focus on what you really want to build. We offer quality and value to you and your market, making sure our content is well researched, informative, and optimised for your keywords. We also understand that every entrepreneur and business is unique, which is why we make sure our service is personalised for you.

Book your consultation today!

For a free-consultation to find out how Hubbub Labs’ top team of ghostwriters, professional journalists and magazine contributors can help you share your story, contact Dan on or visit

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